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*98.6% of T-ball coaches would personally recommend this
workbook and video to another coach.

The Coaching Teeball Workbook and video is a coaching method designed to get parents more involved with the players.

"Including all of the parents helped us to be part of the team. We were very proud of the players' accomplishments throughout the season… The Coaching Teeball Workbook makes coaching t-ball a great and fun experience… My son was nominated to play on the all-star team and I was asked to coach."

Coach Janine
Halverson, Texas

The handouts, the drills, and the player rotation make a complete outline for the season.

"The Coaching Tball Workbook is well organized and full of good ideas. It has great drills (i.e. first and second base drills and batting practice). I was impressed with how well the drills worked. I was also pleased with how well the players' rotation grid worked during games…

"The parents and the organization elected me t-ball coach of the year…The workbook helped me to be a better coach and allowed me to give a very positive experience to a great bunch of kids and parents."

Coach Steve Jones

This coaching style shows a first time head coach how to build a complete team of parents and players, and teach them the basics of baseball.

"Coach Walker's program for youth baseball allows the parents to get involved with their children on the field and adds purpose to the way the kids learn. It is by far the most productive method for the kids and their parents.

"Through my years of experience in little league (head coach, sponsor director, vice president, and president), I was exposed to several different coaching methods; Coach Walker's method is by far the best."

Coach Bob Seeds

From the first practice to the final game this workbook is packed with great ideas. Coaching T-ball definitely teaches baseball.

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Peak Surveys, LLC. 2003 Customer Satisfaction Survey---
     *98.6% of T-ball coaches would personally recommend this workbook and video to another coach.

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Coaches' Comments

Positions for baseball,
i.e. 6---4---3 double play.

1 ------Pitcher


3-------First Base

4-------Second base

5-------Third Base

6-------Short Stop

7-------Left Field

8------ Center Field

9-------Right Field


6---4---3 double play
Short stop
Second Base